Who is stronger? No3 brooch

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Who is stronger? No3 brooch
Industrial chain: commodities, cattle driving, captivity, imprisonment, toughness, pragmatism, working class, physical labour, force, function, purity, benefit, dirt, greasy, sticky, metallic smell, blackness, darkness, masculinity..

Pearl: what is spared, protected, saved, the precious, the treasure, the value, intactness, sophistication, richness, orderliness, neatness, perfume scent, still, subtle, sense beauty, cleanliness, light, female ideal, good mother, good wife, status symbol…
How different connotations, how many different messages. The previous layers of meaning are attached to them so strongly that it is hard to ignore them. Still, these two materials are not so far from each other. Both capture the negative notion of captivity, though one reflects it directly, while the other indirectly; one shows the symbol of physical bondage, while the other that of a social one.
The tension within these materials is what triggered the creation of my series. I tend to personify materials as having human qualities, as if they had their own will and power, which they can compete with. The same thinking was behind the creation of my latest object series entitled ‘Strong’, which accommodates many forms of rivalry between the two materials. 
patinated copper,
freshwater pearl,
stainless steel,
nylon thread